Mexico City - CANCUN

Our motorcycle trip begins with a direct immersion in Mexico, the legendary Tenochtitlan that left five centuries earlier the spooked Spanish in front of so much beauty. The next stop, you will have Teotihuacan the ancient Aztec city of gigantic proportions. Then we will head south, the discovery of Taxco the capital of money and then the end of the wonderful Sierra Madre with lush vegetation, Acapulco whose only name is enough to fuel our dreams. Further ahead are the paradisiacal beaches of Puerto Escondido, a pearl of the Pacific, for the first day of rest. Full north comes Oaxaca, colonial wonder, World Heritage listed. And then in the very heart of the trip, the vertiginous Sumidero Canyon announces the sierras of San Cristobal de las Casas, capital of the region where live 2 million descendants of the Maya, beliefs and amazing customs ... Indian villages of San Juan de Chamulas, of Zinacatan, a feast for the eyes, an extraordinarily rich craft. In passing, the wonderful waterfalls of Agua Azul whose turquoise waters announce the color of the Gulf of Mexico nearby. We will not forget the classified archaeological sites such as Chichen itza or Palenque nested in a beautiful nature where we feel the magic universe of Maya.   


Day 1:

Arrival to Mexico City, transfer to the hotel. 

Day 2:

Departure from the hotel to Teotihuacán by truck. Teotihuacán is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico; its impressive Pyramid of the Sun is one of the most known since you can climb to admire the impressive view of the entire pre-Hispanic city. Visit of Teotihuacán, return to Mexico. Tour of the center of Mexico City. Mexico City, loved and hated by all it´s habitants. Home of Mexican cuisine and full of party; the beautiful city has something for every person. 

Day 3:

Departure from the hotel to the store to collect the bikes. We will make our way to Taxco. Calm morning with visit in Taxco; A magical town surrounded by hills and mountains. We will visit its beautiful cathedral known as "Santa Prisca" and walk through its charming cobblestone streets.  

Day 4:

Departure from Taxco to one of the most famous beaches of Mexico: Acapulco… the place where anyone who was someone had to be. We will explore the meixcan beach all afternoon. 

Day 5:

After a quiet morning  we will get ready to ride the longest road-Puerto Escondido. We will make a short stop in Santiago Pinotepa to eat, then we will go to Puerto Escondido, the Mexican jewel to practice surfing. Puerto Escondido, one of the most popular destinations among young people for its stunning waves perfect for surfing. 

Day 6:

Day in Puerto Escondido to enjoy the beaches, the food and the sun. This day we will not go out to shoot, we will enjoy this beautiful Mexican oasis. 

Day 7:

We will ride from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca, stopping at Sola de Vega; A small community in this state for a perfect meal. By sunset we will have reached the City of Oaxaca; one of the poorest and most tourist states. 

Day 8:

Calm morning visiting the beautiful city of Oaxaca, after knowing Santo Domingo and the center of Oaxaca we will go to the ancient city of Mitla. Mitla was a pre-Hispanic city full of temples; after the arrival of the Spaniards they transformed the city by building a church on top of the temples so that the Mexican Indians could not wash their gods. Here we will make a small tour and we will go to Tehuantepec.

Day 9:

Leaving Tehuantepec we will head towards the canyon of the sinkhole, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains in the state of Chiapas. The route in the sinkhole will be on boats, where we can see crocodiles, among other animals. After our tour we will go to San Cristobal de Las Casas for a rest day not very quiet.

Day 10:

Second day of rest in San Cristobal de Las Casas, but we will not rest; We will visit the towns of San Juan Chamulla and Zinacantan where we will know a little more about their culture, their clothing and their food. If we are lucky, they will lend us some of their typical costumes.

Day 11:

After our rest day we will go to the impressive waterfalls known as Agua Azul; Tucked in the middle of the jungle of Chiapas; this impressive natural beauty suffered damage in the September tremor; blocking the passage of water. The community came together without the help of the authorities and with peaks and ropes removed the stones that blocked the main waterfall to restore tourism to this beautiful event. After our tour we will take direction towards Palenque; an archaeological zone loved by tourists.

Day 12:

This morning we will visit the archaeological zone of Palenque; a beautiful paradise where most of the pyramids have not been discovered, which makes it an architectural jewel. Later we will go to Escárcega to eat and sleep in Campeche on a beautiful hacienda of the 19th century.

Day 13:

This morning we will visit several places, starting with the white city: Mérida; We will make a small tour in the center of the city and we will eat.

In the afternoon we will go to Chichén Itzá; where we will arrive at a hotel with its own entrance to one of the wonders of the world.

Day 14:

Using the entrance of the hotel, we will visit Chichén Itzá; one of the modern wonders of the world, we will let you discover why it is considered that way. Later we will travel towards our final destination: Cancun. We will return the motorcycles to the store and transport ourselves to the hotel.

Day 15:

Flight back home.

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