1. How does the rental work?
  • Bikers rents their motorcycles either by daylight rent or 24 hours. A daylight rent is from 9am to 5pm; this means you can pick up the bike as early as 9am but you have to return it before 5pm. The 24 hrs. rental has a different rate, and it changes by the number of days you rent the motorcycle and the model.
  1. What is included in my rental?
  • The rent includes helments for rider and passengers, unlimited millage, 24 hrs. emergency road assistance and full coverage insurance (activated once you have made the holding guarantee deposit)
  1. Do you rent helments?
  • Yes, as per Mexican law, you have to use helments while riding a motorcycle, the rental rate includes a helment D.O.T. for ridder and passenger.
  1. Do I have to take a tour, or can I just rent a bike?
  • We have both options, so you can either rent the motorcycle and explore the city by yourself, or take a tour. It is up to what you want to visit.
  1. What are the prices for the rental?
  • The rental prices depend of different things, like the model and number of rental days. Once you have selected the desired model, select the number of days you would like to make the rental and you will get the information you need, if it still not clear, do not hesitate to contact us.
  1. How do the tours work?
  • Every day we have different tour destinations, so you can join our tour or “make” your own tour. We leave early morning from the store and explore different Mayan sites, cenotes or biosphere reserves.
  1. Can I make my own tour?
  • Yes you can! If you decide to make your own tour, the price is $150 USD per person plus the motorcycle rental, this includes food, beverages, tickets for the parks valid for 8 hours. This can give you the flexibility to make your own schedule, explore only places you are interested in and take your time.
  1. What do I need to make a rental?
  • You will need a valid motorcycle licence, be at least 21 years old and a credit card.
  1. Where can I pick up the bike?
  • Our store is located on the hotelier zone in Cancun, we could also arrange for the bike to be picked-up at our store in Playa del Carmen upon special request.
  1. Can I pay only online or can I also pay in store?
  • You can either pay online, by deposit or in store. We encourage our clients to pay beforehand to ensure the motorcycle model they wish to rent.
  1. Can I take my rental outside of the country?
  • No, the motorcycles cannot leave Mexico under any circumstances.
  1. What happens if there is an accident or an emergency?

-With your rental, 24 hour road assistance is available, once you have contacted the emergency number, they will provide you help and contact us.

  1. Can I cancel my rental?
  • Yes, you can cancel the motorcycle rental with 48 hrs. notice, but only if it is the rental, the tours cannot be canceled. For our longer tours, we require a 30% deposit, if you cancel the trip, that deposit will be lost.
  1. Does Bikers provide information about the rented motorcycle?
  • Yes, when you arrive to the store and sign the contract, our staff will quickly brief you regarding the general function of the bike, at any moment we are free to ask you to make a quick test drive to show you are a capable driver. WE CAN REJECT A MOTORCYCLE RENTAL IF WE SEE THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE MOTORCYCLE IS NOT ENOUGH.
  1. What is the security deposit and how does it work?
  • The security deposit is a guarantee in case there is an accident. The security deposit covers the insurance deductible. In case of an accident on the road, this amount will be enough to cover any damage done to the motorcycle.
  1. What is the minimum age for rental?
  • You need to be at least 21 years old to be able to rent with Bikers.
  1. Do you offer hotel pickup?
  • No, we do not offer hotel pick-up.
  1. Can we make special tours for groups?
  • Yes, we have collaborated with different groups, making personalized tours and experiences. If you would like further information, contact us.
  1. If I don´t want to get a tour, but would like information and assistance with hotels and places to visit, can Bikers provide help?
  • We can offer assistance in any way, tips for your travels, routes, hotels, restaurants… we want you to have the best experience you can have.