Ruta de Plata

It is known as the silver route to the cities that during the viceroyalty were exporters of silver for Europe. Mules would go thought all this cities carrying the silver all the way from Durango to Mexico City, from here they would take it to the famous  Acapulco and Veracruz ports to be send to either Spain or Asia.

The cities are in the center of the country; besides being part of the most popular tourists towns, they are full of culture, delicious food and incredible traditions.

Day 1:  

Arrival to Mexico City. The capital of the country, the city that is loved and hated by all, since it´s known as one of the most chaotic cities in the world, due to the large number of habitants it has and its limited space. Legend has it that the Aztecs founded their city when they found the eagle eating cactus, just as their god Huitzilopochtli had dictated. It is currently the most modern city in the country, mother of Mexican cuisine and one of the cities with more museums in the world. Our hotel is near the center of the city, on the most beautiful avenues in the city.

Day 2:

Mexico-Teotihuacán-Querétaro. We will wake up early and have breakfast at the hotel, from here we will pick up our motorcycles. We will leave in the direction of Teotihuacán. Located 50 km from Mexico City, it is known as the sacred city. It was built between the 1st and 7th century. The great pyramids of the sun and moon are striking; traced with a geometric and symbolic arrangement; besides that it has the temple of Quetzalcoatl. We will be able to climb all the way to the top of the pyramid of the sun to watch the impressive view of Tenochtitlan.After lunch, we will make our way to Querétaro. Known as a beautiful colonial city recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic heart of the city is characterized by its charming walkways, impressive squares and churches.

Day 3:

Querétaro- San Miguel De Allende-Guanajuato. A calm morning; breakfast at the hotel as prepare for departure. We will visit the center of Querétaro and it´s famous aqueduct before leaving for San Miguel de Allende.Known as Disneyland for retirees and young people looking for adventures; it´s a beautiful city with colonial architecture, regular festivals and a wide gastronomic offer. In addition to that it has beautiful galleries of local artisans. Of the most impressive architectures can be found in the historic center of the city. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2008. We will eat in the center of the city and we will travel to Guanajuato.

Day 4:

Guanajuato - San Luis Potosi. Breakfast at the hotel, we will walk around Guanajuato, we will visit the famous university, the markets, the mummies museum and we will climb up to the pipila to admire the beautiful view of the city. We will return to the hotel to pick up the motorcycles and go to eat. After lunch we will leave for San Luis Potosi. Day 5:DaytripAfter a quiet morning we will go to the impressive waterfalls of Tamul, we will make a tour and return to San Luis. The afternoon will be free. San Luis is characterized by the rich baroque constructions of quarry that emphasize the elegant neoclassical style that predominates in the city. Full of great corners and secrets waiting for the visitor.

Day 6:

San Luis Potosi-Zacatecas. After having breakfast in hotel, we will go to Zacatecas. This city has a mining origin, because it´s foundation is due precisely to the discovery of silver deposits, around which the city developed. Thus, it also became one of the main economic centers of New Spain.After lunch we will visit the famous Eden Mine. The afternoon will be free to tour the center of the city.

Day 7:

Zacatecas- Aguascalientes. Breakfast at the hotel, then we will ride to Aguascalientes. On the way to Aguascalientes we will visit the “Ciudad Real de Asientos”; an old mining town. After lunch we will go to Aguascalientes.The National Fair of San Marcos, the railway, the watches, the guava sweets, the unraveled, the balustrade of the San Marcos Park, the temples, it´s architecture or it´s beautiful sunsets are as representative as the Fiesta Brava or it´s patrimonial wealth. Day 8:Aguascalientes-GuadalajaraAfter a quiet morning at the hotel, we will leave for the city of mariachis and tequila: Guadalajara! 225 km away we will find this incredible cosmopolitan city. The perfect balance between modernity and culture, Guadalajara has managed to preserve traditions such as churrería, folk dance, the Tapatío syrup; among other.

We will ride thought the city center and have lunch, the afternoon will be free so you can explore the city.

Day 9:


Whenever you hear tequila, you automatically think Mexico! The trip could not be complete without a visit to the famous city of Tequila! A dusty town tucked in the volcanic valleys northwest of Guadalajara and surrounded by the UNESCO-listed blue agave plantations, Tequila’s rich history is about more than just a name. Once we arrive we will make our way to a distillery to understand how the make tequila and have a tasting.

Day 10:

Tequila- Mexico City

After breakfast we will head back to Mexico City for the last day before departure, the ride will be long, we will have to complete 585 kms in one day! We will drop the bikes and take a bus back to our hotel to get our bags ready for departure.

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